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funfiction in animeosity

FIC: Entrance (Naruto)

Challenge: #1 – “Beginnings”
Fandom: Naruto
Title: Entrance
Warnings: None that I see, other than unbeta’d.
Word Count: 500
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto!
X-Posted to funfiction and animeosity



“Are you certain that this is what you want?” The wide brim of his hat hid the speaker’s eyes as he scanned the admission form, and his other hand was holding his pipe. “The road of a shinobi is a tough one….”


“I know what I want!” The boy across from him loudly cut him off. The Sandaime Hokage looked up at the outburst with a tired expression, and the small boy continued, “And I can totally do this, I know I can… but they won’t let me sign up without a guardian or parent’s permission…” He let the sentence linger off, since they both knew the boy was an orphan, and had no acting guardian other than the Hokage himself.  


Sandaime eyed the boy, who looked so much smaller than his age thanks to the large office chair that he was swallowed in, and the oversized t-shirt that was currently hanging off one shoulder. The old Hokage debated with himself for a moment, but logic won out. The boy was six now, but it was old enough to enter the academy. He would be taught how to protect himself, which he needed with the burden he carried. Also, he was the village’s potential secret weapon, so his permitting the boy to become a shinobi would also be a wise tactical move. By being in the academy, the child would be allowed to interact with other children without their parents being able to interrupt, so he would be given a small chance to make potential friends, something he didn’t have now. There was also the fact, the boy had that determined gleam in his large blue eyes, meaning he wouldn’t be quiet or go away any time soon. ‘Fitting, that the Yondaime’s legacy is as stubborn as he was…’The Sandaime smiled at the thought and looked back at the paper in his hands.


“Very well, Naruto.” The Hokage stamped his seal on the page, “I’ll approve your entry into the ninja academy. You’ll need to give this form to the registration office, which is just passed the front doors of the main academy building. Let me just say though….”


“Alright!” The small blonde leapt up, and grabbed the paper from the desk in his excitement, cutting off the Hokage again, who had a look of resigned annoyance on his face. “I’m going to be a ninja! Just you wait, old man, I’m going to become the Hokage, like you… no, no, no, wait! I’m going to surpass you and every other Hokage! I’m going to be the best ninja EVER and then the whole village will have to acknowledge me then! Yes!” The boy rushed out of the office, leaving the Sandaime sitting at his desk slightly surprised by the enthusiastic declaration.


“The road of a shinobi is, indeed, a tough one,” the old man spoke to an empty room, “and it’s going to be more-so for him. However, at least with that kid, it will be anything but boring…”


Author Note: Hey! First fic for the community! *dances*

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And you're off to a brilliant start! I loved it! This was well done and really amusing. Exactly how Naruto would have reacted, in my opinion.

Hehehehe, I am curious as to what words of wisdom the Hokage never got to share, though...

Thanks! I shall get back into writing yet!

And for Sandaime's words of wisdom... *sighs* I guess we shall never know. ;)


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