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Quriky KH

funfiction in animeosity

FIC - Road of Life (Tardy Challenge)

Challenge: Tardy
Fandom: Naruto
Title: The Road of Life
Warnings: None that I see.
Word Count: 407


The alarm clock rang and a white haired man blearily opened his eyes to stare at the ceiling before reaching over to slap the alarm into silence. He laid there for a moment before convincing himself to throw the green shuriken patterned covers back and swing his feet over the side of the bed. He stretched and strolled over to the bathroom, forcing himself to wake up. It was really his own fault he felt this groggy, Kakashi admitted to himself… he really should know better than to stay up so late reading like that.

The Elite Jounin went about his morning routine of washing up, shaving, eating breakfast, brushing his teeth (not that anyone ever saw them)… he went back into his room, and changed into his uniform. It was when the white haired Jounin was tying his forehead protector on at its normal unusual angle to cover his left eye that he spotted the calendar.

Trash day.

Sighing to himself, he went about the mundane task of gathering up his, tying the bag off before slinging it over his shoulder to take down to the dumpster. As he went to head back in, he noticed one of his more elderly neighbors having a little difficulty as she awkwardly tried to carry her bag down the stairs. He called up to her and then went up to her rescue. The woman chatted with him for a moment, although it was more her talking than him, and he finally made his escape. He started to head towards the village’s marketplace. He had to meet his team today but he should be able to cram in a browsing the bookstore a little before he needed to leave.

He strolled out of the store, tucking a new book into the pouch on his hip, a small content smile hidden underneath his mask whenever he glanced up and saw how high the sun was. He sweat-dropped… it wasn’t really that late was it?

His hands formed a seal and he disappeared into a cloud of smoke mixed with the swirl of leaves, reappearing behind three frustrated teenagers. “Yo.”

Pink, black, and blonde heads all spun around at him in outrage. “KAKASHI-SENSEI, YOU’RE LATE!!!!”

“Sorry.” He raised one hand sheepishly to rub the back of his head as he searched for a new excuse that he could use this time around and smiled. “I got lost on the road of life.”
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LOL! This is very cute. :D

I like his excuse! "Lost on the road of life" indeed.

April 2007

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